For adults and teenagers, we only recommend our MAF capsules due to their higher dosage, which is necessary for individuals with adult body weight. 


For children weighing less than 20 kilograms, we recommend using MAF powder or MAF Lollies. Except for autistic and ADHD children we only recommend using MAF Powder because it contains no sugar which is one of the diet recommendations. 

For children weighing over 20 kilograms, we recommend using our MAF capsules, with a recommended dosage of one capsule per day.

For children who may have difficulty swallowing capsules, we offer our MAF Powder as a suitable alternative.

Our MAF Powder contains no added sugar.

The recommended dosage for the powder is to take one sachets in the morning without water, 30 minutes before breakfast, and one sachet at bedtime, also without water.

Additionally, our MAF products are not limited to those only with existing health concerns. We extend our recommendation for MAF capsules, lollies, and powder to individuals seeking to proactively maintain their overall well-being and health.